Shisha Places in Manchester

Unique Shisha By Shanan Flavors

Shisha by Shanan is located in one Bury New Rd, Manchester M8 8FX and offers an ideal flavour of Shisha to conclude a busy day at work. It offers you a wide range of varieties from dessert bars, lethal relaxing couches, captivating music and perfect sports event. Shaman presents herbal flavours’ from fruit flavour’, mint flavours’ and mint flavours’.Shisha mixes

You can choose from Shisha brands like Starz, al father, Fantasia and special Shisha from shaman. Manchester being the busiest indoor arena in the world, this is a good place to experience Shisha from a relaxing environment and is the best shisha places in manchester
Some of the Shisha’s mixes from shaman are Cappuccino, Cherry, cuica nom, grape lemon and kiwi.

Shisha by Shanan recommended mixes
– Orange mint and grape

– Apple mint and grape

-Pome grade mint and grape

– Orange kiwi and grape watermelon grape and kiwi, also known as the mix-up

– Romance, apple kiwi, and grape

– Coffeeholic mix: Cappuccino, Mint + Cinnamon
– Strawberry Daquiri: Strawberry
– Pomegranate + Lemon
– Cinabon: Double Apple + Cinnamon

– Sheikh Khan: Raspberry, Kiwi + Mint

– Triple P: Paan, Pomegranate + Peach
– PK Special: Paan, Pomegranate + Kiwi

You can as well enjoy tasty drinks like mint tea, English tea, masala tea, cappuccino, latte, mocha and coffee and an affordable price.

Shisha flavor

Shisha for shaman comes with appetizing flavors. Theses flavors include;
Al Fakher: this is one of the most recognized Shisha brands not only in Manchester’s city, but the whole world. it’s a medium grade Shisha that is mad in uniting Arabs Emirates. It has a consistent sweet flavor and famous for having a smooth smoke. The taste of Al Fakher is reputable while the quality of this brand is beyond excellent. You can have it being salty, warm or chill. Regardless of the flavor, Al Fakher will taste good.


This is a high-quality Shisha brand that incorporates a lot of unique flavors and never disappoints when it comes to delivery. Fantasia is hand made in the United States that gives you perfect taste. It’s made from exotic flavors with an extremely thick smoke that offers you an opportunity to experience life from the different world.


This is an American star, but offers you explicit flavor and strange, but exceptional taste. It is one of the best-selling Shisha brands that come with different flavors.

About Manchester City

City council of Manchester classifies shisha smoking just like cigarettes smoking and forbids Shisha in public places. For you to smoke in public premises with a roof, at least, half the wall space must be open. Despite the laws, shisha smoking continuous to be trendy for the people of Manchester. More people are finding it more pleasing than a cigarette. The city of Manchester of Manchester has vibrant nightlife and a very diverse culture. It is highly notable for its art, architecture, and music. Recent polls have ranked the city as the second city in UK, and are the third most visited city after London and Edinburgh. Beetham towers, the tallest building in the UK outside of London sits at Manchester City and houses Hilton hotel.

Shisha is long longer an Arab thing. The city is globally known for its sports activity in football with clubs like Manchester City and Manchester United offering great performance in English premier league. The city of Manchester holds domestic, continental and international sports completion with Manchester City being the largest football club in the United Kingdom. The city also boasts of three affluent universities, University of Manchester city, and the largest full-time non-collegiate university in the United Kingdom.

Shisha by Shannon is surrounded by restaurants that include:

Avalanche Restaurant

Avalanche brings traditional Italian food solutions to the people of Manchester city. Situated in the heart of the Italian Quarter on Booth Street between Albert Square, this restaurant is famous for its far-fetched Italian cuisine. The main food served here is fish and seafood prepared with a modern twist and irresistible taste. The restaurant allows you to drink your favorite bottle at the three bars available in the Italian food center. Also featured is a VIP room that you can affordably book for confidential and private matters.

Cloud 32 restaurant

It offers some of the finest cocktail solutions to the people of Manchester city with perfect selections from wine and beer. You get to see the beautiful city life from the highest point in Manchester as you enjoy afternoon tea, fine champagne and comfy of a cool interior environment.

Mr. Coopers House and gardens

Located at Peter Street, Mr. Coopers House and gardens offers European cuisines in a very relaxing setting. There is no better place to enjoy your New Year Eve than at Mr. Coopers House and gardens. You get innovative cocktail solutions like the campfire in Adare and classic drinks at an affordable price. You also get to feel relaxing music ranging from old school dances, modern day dances, reggae, hip hop and Latin combinations.

Fahrenheit Restaurant

Located at 2.1 miles away from G Casino Bury New Road in Manchester, 110 Portland Street, Manchester, you get special offers like poke tournament, black jack experience, and Roulette. You get to taste your favorite food and test the various gaming solutions at Fahrenheit Restaurant. Also served is a late night dining and bar menu for lighter meals is also served. The place is an ideas joint for resting and having fun. It offers virtually all that one may want come to the best shisha places in Manchester today  .

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