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Chorlton Shisha by Shanan

After a busy day at the office, don’t you just want to relax, unwind and enjoy some cool mellow Shisha? Chorlton Shisha by Shanan has just the right spot where you can let down your hair. Savour the flavour of Shisha in Manchester at your local cafe and lounge only miles away .

Savour Arab Shisha Flavour

Cool hookah flavour is available when you enjoy the shisha phenomenon. Shisha tobacco is a combination of honey, molasses and oftentimes fruit. This is a great concoction that is warmed up in a water pipe and delivered in a smoking inhalation chamber.

Pakistani, Turkish, Afghani (and most other Middle Eastern nations) each have special memories of the sheesha narghile. The top Manchester sheesha cafes try to replicate this great experience in England. Share your culture with your mates.

Which Shisha Brands Does Shanan Carry?

If you want a luxury Chorlton Shisha Lounge, then Shanan is your brand. This group is renovating a number of Sheesha locations to create a solid, standardized experience. When you spend your hard-earned pounds on shisha tobacco, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. You won’t be disappointed at your local Shanan Chorlton Shisha venue.

Start with flavours. You will get the full range of fruity, coffee and salty variations at your  Shisha Lounge Chorlton: Apple, Grape, Peach, Cappuccino and Cinnamon. If you are new, then ask the wait staff about the recommended mixes, some love the AMG: Apple, Mint and Grape.

Next you have brands. Some sub-par shisha bars might only offer one option. At your favorite Manchester Shisha Lounge you have four different brands to choose from:

  • Al-Fakher
  • Fantasia
  • StarBuzz
  • Shanan

When you entertain visitors who know nothing about Middle Eastern shisha, you can choose the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Al-Fakher brand. This medium-grade blend delivers traditional hearty salty, spicy and warm flavours.

But, of course, some Westerners might not take a liking to Arab tastes. Many British concoctions are more sugary. Women might like the Fantashia shisha brand’s candy, juicy and natural flavours. The StarBuzz is made by the Americans across the pond; it has the more coffee-oriented flavours of creamy, sweet and icy.

And like a full, luxury brand, Shanan has its own special proprietary blend too with sweet, icy and juicy flavours. This is a combination of East and West. Add a clay or fruit head for true delight at your local Manchester Sheesha Lounge.

You can find plenty of affordable options at the Chorlton Shisha location. BOGO is common. Ask the staff about premium blends and mixes, like the Dragon’s Breath. Fans of “The Hobbit” can imagine they are spending time with Smaug. And don’t forget about the student discounts.

Chorlton Shisha by Shanan

The Chorlton Shisha by Shanan (also known as “Hookahs Bar”) is right

Shanan offers non-alcoholic beverages – soda pop, coffees, teas and mocktails too. You can get some healthy fruit or decadent desserts. This really is a solid way to spend your free time. Sit back and reminisce. Music and television are standard at some Shanan locations.

So, join us and warm your belly at your Chorlton Shisha by Shanan Cafe & Lounge.

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