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Manchester is one of the cities in the UK that is well known for its vibrant and artistic nature. In fact, the city has a vibe that cannot be rivaled by any other city. The city has a lot to offer when it comes to personal enjoyment with a variety of activities and joints that will guarantee you the ultimate fun you have experienced.

There are many great and fun things to do in the city of Manchester. Due to the wide array of things offered at the great Manchester, we have narrowed our article to the best avenues where you can enjoy yourself especially those who loves Shisha. In case you fall into the category of those who love Shisha, Manchester City is the ideal place for you whether you are from other parts of the UK, Europe, Africa or US. The city boasts of several Shisha bars that are fully operational on a daily basis to give the customers what they want in terms of good customer’s experience.

In addition to shisha bars, Manchester City also boasts of several joints where you won’t be disappointed at you won’t be disappointed variety of state of the art facilities that will ensure you have the perfect experience while staying in the city.

For culture enthusiasts, this is the best place to exploit in a bid to satisfy your hunger and thirst for cultural activities. The city of Manchester is considered the cultural hub of United Kingdom simply by the following ten reasons;

• The city boasts of the most intriguing art gallery. The WhithworthGallery has the newest features consisting of glass-promenade overlooking the new art garden in Whitworth Park.
• It is the country’s top art center with a 500 seat theatre consisting of flexible studios.
• The city host one of the most dynamic festivals in UK. The Manchester International Festival.
• A city is a place to some of the best libraries with ancient relics backdating to 17th century.
• It is one of the ideal places for a perfect urban living with recent state of the art facilities in all parts of the city. The city also boasts of the best neighborhood with posh living conditions suitable for the elite families.
• Manchester also boasts of the richest industrial heritage in history with very old industries still operating within the city.

Locating the best joint for Shisha in Manchester city

Manchester is a big place that will take you several hours to walk through it completely. As a result, there are several joints in every corner of Manchester city and finding the best place to satisfy you love and thirst for Shisha can be very difficult since all of them promise heaven regarding services, facilities and customer experience. The truth is that not all the restaurants will give you the best service especially if you are a Shisha lover.

Shannan restaurant

Sometimes when you just want to sit down at a place and relax after a hard day of work or strolling through the vast parts of Manchester city. Not all restaurants in Manchester will provide you with the ideal place to relax your head while comfortably enjoying your Shisha with a backdrop of soul soothing music. That is why at Shannan restaurant, they take customers comfort with high regard.

The place is surrounded by an artistic environment that gives the customer that smooth, scenic environment ideal for enjoying Shisha. While, at the restaurant, you are taken through a mouth-watering menu that acts as perfect appetizers for the amazing Shisha mixes available at the café. They serve variety of cakes such as the strawberry cheesecakes, Victoria sponge, oreo sponge, carrot cake among others. Drinks are also available in this place in plenty all at a cheaper price of less than a dollar.

You also have the option to keep away the desserts and move straight away to the most amazing moments at the café, the Shisha Bar moment. The Manchester Shisha  Bar are available in different mixes each mouldedin differentflavours that will leave in a dilemma on what to choose. The Shisha mixes comes in flavors such as apple, mint, cappuccino, cherry, grape, lemon, kiwi, rose, peach, strawberry among others.

In case you are wondering about the prices at the Shisha bar in Manchester, you need to relax your mind. The café have a lot of respects to people’s pockets since their prices are so affordable that a customer does not need to look for other options in Manchester. Accompanied by ever friendly staffs who quickly act to bring your orders, they are simply the best place to have a breath taking Shisha experience.

The café is also strategicallysituated within the city which means that is surrounded with several restaurants which operates on a 24 hour basis. The location is ideal especially for visitors to Manchester city who have no place to stay except in the hotels. You can conveniently move from the café after a nice Shisha experience and order your room in the nearest restaurants adjacent to the Shanan café. The café also provides transportation services to an individual who cannot drive to their respective destinations.

At shannan. you will experience real value for your money since that is the slogan and the desire from the shannan community who are always ready to serve you. In case you are in Manchester, visit Shanan place and you will leave the city a happier person its the best shisha bars in  Manchester

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