Sheesha Lounge Manchester

Sheesha Lounge Manchester

Manchester is a city in England having a population of 514,417 in the year 2013. The city is reported to have a younger population with under- and post-graduate students estimated to be around 76,095. The age group of the occupants of the city is between 20 and 35 years. The city is well known for its sports activities. The city is home to two major premier league clubs Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester’s ethical composition consists of the white population estimated to be 66.7 percent, 4.7 percent mixed race, 1.9 percent Arabs and 8.6 percent Blacks ( 5.1 percent African, 1.6 percent other black).Sheesha smoking is reported to be on the rise among the Manchester occupants. The activity has become an essential part of any social gathering. It is considered to be a major aspect of local culture and traditions providing a means of interaction within communities. People have found shisha smoking as a relaxing activity especially after a hectic day at work or in school. Weddings activities have also been set to have a shisha smoking section. Football fans watch matches while enjoying their favorite shisha flavors.

The most popular shisha center at the city is the Sheesha by Shanan located on a mile away from the city center. The shisha market is within a walking distance, or one could still opt for a cab. The place offers its guests with non-alcoholic drinks such as soda pop, juices coffees among others. Homemade desserts are also found at the shisha center. The place also offers various forms of entertainment to its clients including music. The place has a unique Arab English atmosphere where you can get to experience a blend of various cultures.

The sheesha cultures in Manchester

Families flock the Manchester City Centre Shisha by Shanan when they get to have good memories of the old days. The Shisha by Shanan center gives people the opportunity to experience the Middle East culture with the most exclusive scents and sounds. The sheesha lounge Manchester has a relaxing atmosphere best for relaxing after a hectic day at work or school. The free WIFI, television, the beverages, and the fantastic flavors are the best way to relieve yourself from the hustles of life. Individuals get to enjoy the bubbling flavor of tobacco, herbs, fruits and many other flavors offered at the sheesha lounge. Shisha by Shanan gives people the chance to experience the Middle East culture in a unique way. People with the Middle East origin working at Manchester get to stay connected to their culture and traditions by the activities at the sheesha lounge.

The Shisha by Shanan has a variety of shisha flavors from which guests get to choose their favorite. Guests get to enjoy an authentic Arabic shisha made with a modern twist. Individuals get to enjoy “Starbuzz” at the shisha café. The high-grade shisha flavor has an exclusive taste that makes it very popular among shisha lovers. Guests get to maximize their shisha experience with the blend of flavors offered at the sheesha lounge. “Starbuzz” is creamy, sweet and icy in nature. The atmosphere at the sheesha lounge is filled with a mellow purple, blue neon décor giving the place a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Flavors offered at the sheesha lounge Manchester

The Manchester shisha lounge has a variety if shisha flavors. The flavors found at the shisha market are fantastic are very appealing to the shisha lovers. The basic and most popular flavors at the shisha lounge include:
• Orange
• Apple
• Cappuccino
• Strawberry
• Rose
• Cinnamon.

The various types of flavors found at the sheesha lounge Manchester center makes the great flavor ad most appealing. The fruity sweets or coffee version are among the best flavors one can come across. The shisha market is a well-rounded brand giving its guests the best of their cultures and traditions.

Some of the best brands found at the shisha market include the Blue Mist or the Dragon’s Mouth. The shisha market also offers its guests with the daily recommended mixes consisting of orange, kiwi and mint flavors. The mix is called “5-a-Day” and has a therapeutic effect against your cold. There is also the “Sheikh Khan” mix whose contents are Raspberry, Kiwi, and mint.

The shisha market has the best tobacco brands. The most popular tobacco brands offered at the shisha center include:
• Starbuzz
• Shaman
• Fantasia
• Al-Fakher

The traditional shisha tobacco blend consists of a spicy, salty and warm flavors. The blend is manufactured by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Starbuzz with an American origin consists of a creamy, icy and sweet taste. Fantasia is the favorite blend for women because of its candy, juicy and natural flavors. To enhance your excitement, you can be added a clay or fruity head to boost your shisha experience. The Shisha b Shanan center also offers students from Trafford College with a special discount.

Other recommended shisha mixes guests get to enjoy include;
• Coffeeholic: Cappuccino, Mint + Cinnamon
• Strawberry Daquiri: Strawberry Pomegranate + Lemon.
• Cinnabon: Double Apple + Cinnamon
• OMG: Orange, Mint + Grape.
• PMG: Pomegranate + Mint + Grape.
• AMG: Apple, Mint + Grape
• 5’ A Day: Orange, Kiwi + Mint
• The Mix Up: Water Melon, Grape + Mint.
• Romance: Apple, Rose + Mint.
• Coffeeholic: Cappuccino, Mint + Cinnamon
• Triple P: Paan, Pomegranate + Peach
• PK special: Paan, Pomegranate + Kiwi

The restaurants that are close to the Manchester City sheesha lounge Manchester Center.
i. Mughal Taste located at 53 Bury New Road, Manchester.
ii. Aida Polish Delicatessen is a Polish Restaurant located at 43A Bury New Rd, Manchester.
iii. Jean Image located at 61 Bury New Road, Manchester.

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