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Salford Shisha by Shanan

Where can you get good, high-quality Shisha in jolly old England? Have you tried Salford Shisha by Shanan, yet? This is a great local establishment allowing you to combine the best in Middle Eastern and English culture.

What is Shisha?

Shisha is a Middle Eastern tobacco blend adding honey, molasses and other flavours. It is typically enjoyed using a water pipe (hookah) with a group of friends. The flavours are passed through heated water and into the smoke chamber for enjoyment by the user.

In Middle Eastern culture, enjoying the shisha narghile can be a communal event for the entire family. It also might be used during special festivals or to conclude important business ventures.

Various Shisha Brands at Salford Shanan

The Shanan brand has its own special proprietary blend manufactured just for its cafes with sweet, icy or juicy options. Patrons can also choose from StarBuzz, Al-Fakher or Fantasia shisha.

View the menu or ask your waitress what she suggests for shisha mixtures. The basic flavours are Apple, Cappuchino, Cinnamon and Watermelon. Premium flavours include Irn Bru, Paan and Dragon’s Breath. Recommended mixtures change, but might include the OMG of Orange, Mint & Grape or Sheikh Khan of Raspberry, Kiwi & Mint.

You can choose a fruit or clay head, if you prefer. There are plenty of “Buy One Get One” (BOGO) deals available.Eat Drink & Be Merry

There is so much that the Salford Manchester Shisha Lounge has to offer: free WiFi, food, shisha and entertainment. Watch your favorite top-card boxing matches and English Premiere League Football games on the high-definition televisions. Get out of the house and cheer for Man U at Manchester Shisha Cafe.

And how about perfume: your girlfriend can be smelling posh with a complimentary spray of a designer perfume at the Salford Arab Shisha establishment. Enjoy some good vapours and scents before you go out to the club. Of course, you can surf the Web and text with your mates while you are at the Salford Shisha in Manchester Internet Cafe & Lounge.

There are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages that are readily available, including soda pop, coffee, tea and mocktails. Enjoy fruit and even desserts, like cake and ice cream. The Shanan brand is known for its tasty cakes, so check them out.

Avoid Culture Shock

Many times, immigrants might go through a little culture shock in a new environment. If your family is visiting you in London for one of the important Muslim festivals, why not bring them to your local Manchester Sheesha Lounge? Relax in an atmosphere replicating your home town.

The lounge is quite inviting with soft comfortable chairs and mellow lighting. This is also a great place to discuss business. Share your culture and bond over a nice sheesha narghile.

What About UK Smoking Laws

The Salford Shanan location has no cigarette smoking or alcohol. It is a strictly shisha and non-alcoholic establishment. Enjoying water pipe shisha is legal in the United Kingdom.

Salford Shisha Location

The Salford Manchester Shisha Lounge has a great location about 1.0 miles (2 kilometres) from the Manchester City Centre. Just take the A6 or A57 northwest, then Churchill Way to reach the Salford suburb from the Manchester City Centre.

Transit stations include the Salford Central (near Manchester) or Salford Crescent (near Salford University). By the way, there are plenty of discounts for university students, so take a shisha study break. ”

The Salford Shisha by Shanan

Address: 61, Bury New Rd,
Manchester M8 8FX
Phone:0161 711 0049

The Shanan brand is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too. So when you are ready to get your “shisha on” stop on by! East meets West at the Salford Shisha by Shanan Lounge in Manchester.

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61 Bury New Road
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Telephone : 0161 711 0049