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Rochdale is located in the Greater Manchester area and is one of ten boroughs that make up that county and uses the postcodes OL & M. The other major areas of Greater Manchester are Trafford, Manchester City Centre, Wigan, Tameside, Bury, City of Salford, Oldham, Bolton and Stockport. Trafford is one of the most successful boroughs, showing a low rate of unemployment and being home to the middle and upper class members of society. Manchester city centre is among the more vibrant parts of Greater Manchester since it is home to the business district. It is about a mile from Rochdale.

The Bolton borough is well known for its good schools including the presence of one of four universities found in the greater Manchester area and is about 17 miles from Rochdale. Wigan, Bury and Stockport are mostly settlement areas that are made up mostly of the middle class and lower class. Respectively, they are 29 miles, 6 miles and 19 miles from Rochdale. The City of Salford is the most populated borough of the Greater Manchester County since it has a lot of industries and is 11 miles from Rochdale. Tameside is mostly a settlement area where agriculture is the main source of income and is 71 miles from Rochdale. Oldham is mostly rural though it has a small industrialized part and is 5 miles to Rochdale.

Hookah in Manchester is among the best quality shisha in the United Kingdom. There are several Manchester shisha lounges; however, shisha by shanan in Manchester is by far the best place to be. The lounge is up to code and follows the rules that have been put in place by the law for bar owners. This is because smoking Manchester sheesha is classified the same as smoking cigarettes. The shisha by shaman lounge has opened up wall spaces to allow for shisha smoke in accordance to the law. This is because smoking is illegal in enclosed spaces and if the premise has a roof, the wall space in the room should be open to allow for circulation. Moreover, the establishment adheres to all the guidelines set by the law with regards to planning and building control.

Manchester shisha comes in several tobacco flavors in order to give the clients a variety to choose from. Some of these flavors include cinnamon, apple, mint, grape, pomegranate, rose, kiwi, watermelon, cherry, strawberry, peach, raspberry and cappuccino. There are other mixes as well offered by the establishment which are a blend of these flavors and are custom made by the establishment. The establishment does not offer alcohol; however, the Manchester shisha lounge does offer other kinds of refreshments ranging from coca cola to a wide range of juices. They also offer cocktails such as mojitos and pina coladas as well as hot drinks that include but are not limited to lattes and English tea.

In addition to the high quality shisha provided by shisha by shanan, they also offer excellent services that make their customers feel comfortable and welcome. The Manchester shisha lounge creates a complimentary blend of authentic Arab shisha and a modern feel of the place. It has comfortable leather sofas where their customers can just relax and enjoy their time there. The surround sound in the establishment is excellent and complimentary for the customers to enjoy music as well as shows. They also show live sporting events which are complimented by the surround system. This is also as entertainment for the customers while they enjoy their high quality Manchester sheesha.

Shisha by shanan Hookah bar provides their clients with an environment suited for relaxation. They employ trained baristas who can cater to the customers professionally. This means that the services provided in the Manchester shisha lounge are of high quality compared to other lounges. They offer discounts to student freshers for up to 25%. Additionally, the high quality of their services can be supported by the numerous positive reviews that the lounge receives from their customers. This leads to repeat business and is proof that they are reliable in their service delivery and that the lounge is worth visiting at least once for the unique experience. Whenever you want to have a good time in a relaxed environment make sure to enjoy some Shisha by shanan.

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