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Oxford Road Manchester Shisha by Shanan

Would you like to find a great Manchester Shisha Lounge just for your close mates? The Oxford Road Shisha by Shanan Wifi Café & Lounge is the ideal location. You can celebrate Eid or any number of festivals in a relaxing atmosphere.

Where Does Shisha Come From?

The original Shisha tradition is from the Middle East and South Asia. Most tobacco is grown in warmer climates. As the hookah (water pipe) has gained traction in the UK, there are some American and British tobacco brands joining traditional Shisha tobacco from Turkey, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

You will warm up your flavours, honey and other ingredients in the hookah passing it through the water to create vapour. Hookah fans inhale this shisha vapour for sheer delight. Many share the hookah around the table with their friends. You can learn all of the proper manners at your Manchester Sheesha Club.

Why is Shanan Shisha the Best?

At Shanan Manchester Shisha Lounges, you can expect to have friendly, knowledgeable wait staff. Your atmosphere is likely to be energetic and exciting, while also being mellow. The neon lighting helps you enjoy the high-quality Shisha brands.

Start with the basic Shisha tobacco flavours of Double Apple, Cinnamon, Grape, Peach, Rose and Strawberry. The premium flavours include Blue Mist, Dragons Breath, Irn Bru and Paan. Here are the 4 x tobacco blends available at Shanan locations:

  • UAE medium-grade Al-Fakher Tobacco is warm, salty & spicy
  • American-made high-grade StarBuzz flavour is creamy, icy & sweet
  • American-made high-grade Fantasia  flavouris natural, candy & juicy
  • Shanan’s propriety Tobacco is icy, juicy & sweet

The wide selection of Shisha flavours is just one of the important factors for choosing your favourite cafe. Check out the very popular Al-Fakher brand. You can add the clay head or fruit head. Ask about recommended mixes, like the “AMG” Apple, Mint & Grape. Your Oxford Road Manchester Shisha Lounge has you covered.

Oxford Road Manchester Shisha by Shanan WiFi Café & Lounge

Students, there are university discounts just for you, along with bike parking and free WiFi. Welcome students from all universities including the following:

  • Manchester Law School
  • Manchester Metropolitan University All Saints

Welcome to the Curry Mile

The Curry Mile is taking over some areas of Manchester due to the energy of the immigrant population. The South Asian culture is more relaxed in many respects. It can be a nice change from the hectic, urban England environment.

Directions to Oxford Road Shisha by Shanan

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