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Situated in a cozy nook less than a mile from Manchester city center, Shisha by Shanan offers a vibrant and authentically Arab Shisha experience with a bit of a modern twist. Upon walking into the deceptively vintage looking door, visitors are immediately taken by the lush and sweet scent of authentic shisha pipes. The interior is reminiscent of the sort of place a 1st century James Bond might arrange a rendezvous with a mysterious informant, or Mata Hari-esque lady of ill intentions. Plush leather sofas and up-to-date décor set Shisha by Shanan apart from the competition.

The service of this place is second to none. The most talented baristas in Manchester offer an assortment of mix-and-match flavors to whet the palate of even the most finicky of hookah connoisseurs. Flavors include delicious ripe fruits such as pineapple, orange, and strawberry as well as unusual gourmand delights like cappuccino and cinnamon. Even traditional Middle Eastern favorites like rose and double apple are well represented. Shanan produces its own line of shisha, which is second to none. But those who prefer the more famous brands will not be disappointed. Al-Fakher, Fantasia, and Starbuzz are available too! This place truly has something for everyone.

In addition to delectable Hookah flavours in manchester, there are delicious cakes and other sweet treats on Shisha by Shanan’s custom dessert bar. Luxurious cakes with high quality ingredients are definite showstoppers, but a local favorite is definitely the waffles! With toppings such as strawberry, banana, Nutella, caramel, and other seasonal offerings, these simple but decadent treats are to die for.

Delicious flavors and sweet treats are great, but what really makes Shisha by Shanan a wonderful place to spend an evening is the excellent service. In addition to being both knowledgeable and well-informed about the products, the baristas are also incredibly friendly. They take the time to ensure every customer is not only satisfied, but also delighted by whatever they order. Every customer service experience at Shisha by Shanan is marked by pleasantness and an attention to detail that is second to none.

Manchester is quickly becoming a cultural hub. Many different types of people have lived here for a long time, and even more are coming every day. This provides the city with an excellent opportunity to develop itself into a center of progress and cultural understanding. Businesses like Shisha by Shanan bring Middle Eastern culture and flavor to the masses and allow even outsiders to experience the warm and welcoming nature of the many different Arab cultures that are represented in Manchester.

Shisha by Shanan’s centralized location is no accident! They recognize the value of supporting local businesses and that the community aspect of business in Manchester is what keeps the city thriving and growing stronger. Shisha has traditional roots as an after-meal form of entertainment, much like the English tradition of brandy and cigars after dinner. As such, Shisha by Shanan is conveniently located in the midst of many excellent restaurants featuring several of the excellent cuisine traditions of the world that have come together to make Manchester their home.

Top Five Great Restaurants In Walking Distance of Shisha by Shanan

• Alif Grill – A local favorite which features delectable Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fusion cuisine at excellent prices. A perfect pairing with an evening of shisha and dessert.
• Nasi Lemak – A relative newcomer on the block, and a welcome addition to the Manchester food scene. Nasi Lemak prides itself on providing malay street food that is both authentic and quick!
• Mellville’s Plaice – Located in the same building as Nasi Lemak, and for those who want a traditionally English dining experience Mellville’s Plaice is a traditional fish and chips place that pulls out all the stops.
• Kabana – A delightful Indian café just a short 15 minute walk from Shisha by Shanan. This place gets points for having a lot of vegetarian options that are delicious and flavorful. An excellent place to have supper before stopping by for a night of shisha.
• Turkish Kitchen – Just five minutes away by foot and delicious! Delightful Turkish cuisine served hot and with many mix and match options. A definite treat!

Hookah Manchester  is becoming a go-to destination for Mancunians and tourists alike. Middle Eastern residents of Manchester and tourists in particular find Shisha by Shanan enjoyable because they do not serve alcohol like many other shisha bars in the area. A traditional shisha experience does not involve spirits because they are not permitted in Islam. Prohibiting alcohol provides a safe space for those who would rather not imbibe, or who cannot for religious reasons. This also allows those who simply dislike being surrounded by drunks to have a fun and upbeat place to go in the evening.

Beautiful décor, delectable scents and flavors, enticing and decadent desserts. These are the hallmarks of Shisha by Shannon. A relaxing atmosphere coupled with the nicest baristas in town is only half of what makes this place so great. Hookah Manchester  offers a chance to experience a night of cultural fun as well as impressing friends or dates with a unique experience they will never forget. Come for the shisha and deserts, stay for the atmosphere and the feeling of expanding your horizons and experiencing a night of feeling like a Sultan in a luxurious palace.

There is simply no reason not to give  Hookah Shisha by Shanan a try tonight!

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