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Shisha by Shanan is a Shisha Company having a hookah lounge located at the City of Manchester, less than a mile from the city. The Hookah Lounge at Manchester gives the best experience to shisha lovers at Manchester. Some of the most exclusive features at the Hookah Lounge include the well skilled Baristas, relaxing sofa sets made of leather, live sports events, and the relaxing music sounds. The Arab café is located in downtown Manchester. The Manchester City Center is just within a walking distance, or one could still decide to take a cab.

The Hookah Lounge by Shanan at Manchester gives its clients an exclusive hookah accompanied by snacks. The new tobacco flavor has left many people yearning for shisha to have an experience of its taste. The flavors are made of high-quality blends with additives-giving it the most memorable aroma. Additives like honey are added as sweeteners while the water pipe warms the flavor concoction.

The Manchester Hookah Lounge by Shanan has introduced different celebration traditions during festive periods. The major activities taking place at the festive localities include entertainment, shisha, foods and beverages. Football fans also get to enjoy the English Primer League while taking their shisha. Boxing fans are not left out as they also get enjoy a good fight from Box Nation with friends. Perfume such as Calvin Klein, Gucci and Armani are also available for women to spruce themselves up before going out at night. Manchester United fans get to share the love at the shisha lounge while taking the favorite flavors. The hookah lounge is the best place to feel the vibe and calms your nerves after a tough day in an office or school. The team-building experience found at the hookah lounge in Manchester can be used to impress clients and strike business deals without much hustle.

The flavors found at the Hookah Lounge.

The major shisha flavors found at the Manchester Hookah Lounge include
• Apple
• Cherry
• Grape
• Lemon
• Kiwi
• Mint
• Peach
• Pomegranate
• Raspberry
• Watermelon
• Cappuccino
• Rose
• Strawberry
• Cinnamon
• Orange.

The coffee-flavored versions and the fruity tastes make the Manchester City Center Shisha by Shanan the best place to unwind in style. Other premium brands found at the Hookah Lounge include the Blue Mist and the Dragon’s Mouth. Blends containing Orange, Kiwi, and Mint flavors get to help you get rid of your cold. The tobacco brands offered by the Hookah Lounge include:
• Al-Fakher
• Star Buzz
• Fantasia
• Shanan

The Fantasia tobacco blend has a candy, juicy and natural flavor that has made women love it. Shanan comes with an exclusive flavours blend providing a juicy, sweet and icy vapors to enjoy. An addition of a fruit head increases the excitement resulting from the use of the flavour brand. The Hookah Lounge also has non-alcoholic beverages such as juices, tea, soda pop and coffees that one can get to have over lunch hours.

Homemade desserts are also found at the Arabic Café that one can get to enjoy the lunch hour. The Arab Company is driven by the goal to establish an Arab-English environment that gives the Manchester City residents happiness.

Some of the recommended shisha mixes offered at the shisha lounge include:
i. OMG: Orange, Mint + Grape.
ii. PMG: Pomegranate + Mint + Grape.
iii. AMG: Apple, Mint + Grape
iv. 5’ A Day: Orange, Kiwi + Mint
v. The Mix Up: Water Melon, Grape + Mint.
vi. Romance: Apple, Rose + Mint.
vii. Coffeeholic: Cappuccino, Mint + Cinnamon
viii. Strawberry Daquiri: Strawberry Pomegranate + Lemon.
ix. Cinnabon: Double Apple + Cinnamon
x. Sheikh Khan: Raspberry, Kiwi + Mint
xi. Triple P: Paan, Pomegranate + Peach
xii. PK special: Paan, Pomegranate + Kiwi

The Manchester Shisha Culture

The Manchester City Center Shisha by Shanan provides families with the chance to bring back the memories of the old days. The Hookah Lounge at Manchester keeps the people’s culture alive. The music sounds and the scents give people the best experience ever. The atmosphere offers you with a relaxing mood after a hectic day at school or work. The free Wi-Fi and television, the beverages, the homemade desserts give you the best way to warm up yourself after having a hectic day at work or school. The bubbling flavors of the tobacco, fruits and herbs gives the best way to get rid of stress built up in your body. The mellow purple-blue neon décor gives the place an electric feel that is subdued and discreet. The shisha provided by Shanan helps recreate the Middle Eastern culture in the City of Manchester.

Individuals originating from the Middle East and working in the United Kingdom stay connected to their family roots with the flavors, tastes and distinct tastes offered by the Hookah Lounge.

Guests are provided with menus containing various flavors, which they get to choose. The Hookah Lounge also utilizes high quality “Starbuzz” brand shisha flavors. The brand is a high-quality shisha that is produced in the United States. The brand has a strong taste and an exclusive flavor making it popular among shisha lovers. The brand is made of an excellent mixture and blend of flavors that help maximize the experience of shisha users. Starbuzz has a creamy, icy and sweet taste.

Restaurants near shisha by Shanan.

1. Mughal Taste located at 53 Bury New Road, Manchester.
2. Aida Polish Delicatessen is a Polish Restaurant located at 43A Bury New Rd, Manchester.
3. Jean Image located at 61 Bury New Road, Manchester.

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