Cheetham Hill Shisha Lounge

Cheetham Hill Shisha  Lounge by Shanan

Are there any good Manchester Sheesha Joints on Cheetham Hill Road? Why yes, there is! Join us at the very popular, Cheetham Hill Shisha by Shanan  We will keep your seat warm.

Shisha Sounds Cool

Pakistanis have brought a bit of their culture to the British Isles with the Shisha Flavours experience. Shisha is a nice blend of tobacco with sweeter ingredients, such as honey or molasses. Patrons can enjoy the hookah between themselves.

While you watch your favourite FIFA event, you can savour the pure goodness of a variety of Sheesha blends. The Manchester Shisha Lounge is a great experience for the Brits. Why not try a fruity, salty, hot or icy blend.

Try New Shisha Blends

Your Manchester Shisha Lounge enables you to try out a range of different shisha brands. These run the gamut of tastes with offerings for men and women. Here are just a couple of the regular shisha flavours at Shinan on Cheetham Hill Road:

  • Apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Peach
  • Rose
  • Strawberry

Try out some of the regular flavours for awhile. When you are ready to take the plunge, graduate to the premium flavours of Blue Mist, Irn Bru or Paan. Shanan has a wide assortment of shisha flavours – a little for everyone.

If you are uncertain about mixtures, then ask the Shanan staff what is best. They know what customers like. Some of the more popular sheesha mixtures include these:

  • 5-a-Day = Orange, Kiwi & Mint
  • AMG = Apple, Mint & Grape
  • OMG = Orange, Mint & Grape
  • Mix-Up = Watermelon, Grape & Mint
  • Sheikh Khan = Raspberry, Kiwi & Mint

Patrons can choose from four different brands at Cheetham Hill Shisha by Shanan. Other establishments are unlikely to give you the same variety. Enjoy American-made StarBuzz, American-made Fantasia, UAE-made Al-Fakher or the proprietary Shanan blend.

Choose the clay head or fruit head for luxury enjoyment. Shanan lounges might even have VIP rooms for first-class treatment. Students can qualify for special deals.

Cheetham Hill Shisha by Shanan

Will every hill and vale have a lounge for shisha in Manchester? Local residents might know Shisha by Shanan
you can enjoy the latest FIFA match on their high-definition televisions. The place becomes quite packed, so you should probably show up early. You can enjoy the full range of beverages and desserts also.

Share Curry Culture

Enjoy the Eid festival with your family, friends and business partners at your local Manchester Shisha Cafe & Lounge. Surf the web, talk about the good ole days and relax. When you unwind, you naturally refreshen your soul. You can work more efficiently the next day.

Cheer on Man U also. Lifetime happiness is about savouring each moment. Shanan Cheetham Hill Shisha has a festive environment allowing you to have some fun. From time to time, Forget your problems and let the vapour carry you away.

Directions to Cheetham Hill Shisha by Shanan

Shisha By Shanan
Address: 61, Bury New Rd, Manchester M8 8FX
Phone:0161 711 0049


weekends open 1500- till late

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61 Bury New Road
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Telephone : 0161 711 0049